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Hitler’s Circle of Evil

Surviving power struggles, betrayals and plots, Hitler’s inner circle of Nazi leaders seizes control of Germany and unleashes catastrophe. With a compelling cast of characters all trying to outmanoeuvre each other this series is Downton Abbey meets the Nazi Party.

Year of Broadcast: 2018
Duration: 10 x 52 mins
Broadcaster: Netflix and ZDF Enterprises
Series Producer: Ashley ‘Bear’ Morris
Producer/Directors: Matthew Hinchcliffe, Guy Smith, Simon Deeley, Vicky Matthews & Chris Roberts
Associate Producers: Paola Desiderio, Steven Perring, Rachel Vaknin & Justin Rickett
Offline Editors: Antony Oliphant, Keith Brookshaw, Graham Dean, Ian Baigent, Ewen McLeod
Production Manager: Annabel Walker
Archive Producer: Michael Lewis

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